Monday, August 06, 2007

New Sunset Rubdown and a blogger’s lament

I have no doubt that the new Sunset Rubdown album is going to be everything that I expect it to be as I recollect on my aural memorizations of my previous live rendezvous’ with Krug & company. The few songs that have made it through to my hard drive have testified of and solidified my previously identified presumptions. Great. I’m excited that there will be interesting music to soundtrack my drive through the grounds of the Veterans hospital as I sidestep my way through the short cuts of west LA on my way to roundtable talks on Russian poetry and US voting behavior. I need this to give my life more texture, more friction between my reality and what I pretend exists in some other dimensional parallel to the life I am living. I hope it exists but this is all beyond the point.

My real disgust is with the liberty that ones take in the blogosphere in “promoting” new albums. We here at the Content have multiple avenues at which we acquire new music, which does not exclude the old dollar and change transaction at our local Amoeba records, nor does it exclude the sharing of albums from one individual to another via record label or friend. But besides how we acquire music it is important to identify that bloggers should take the responsibility (and many do) to approach the way that they share the music they love with the world in a more constructive way.

The Content has tried to steer clear of questionable means of promoting new albums where the questions revolve around the number of tracks we put up from any one release. It just doesn’t make since (from a fan level) to take liberties on the dispersal of one quarter of any given release (not including three or four song EPs where one track is actually greater than or equal to the aforementioned quarter percent). In following through with the coalition formed with our dear JAX to “Not leak albums - shit ain’t cool”, it is impossible for me not to bring up this problem of those that put up three or four songs from an unreleased album so that they can reap the rewards of Hype Machine traffic. Middle finger to you my friend. I’ll just hold my breath and hope it all goes away.

And so the hypocrite speaketh. For your listening and viewing pleasure, the promotional track and album art from Sunset Rubdown’s fantastic Random Spirit Lover.

[mp3] Sunset RubdownUp On Your Leopard, Upon The End Of Your Feral Days



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