Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Suggested Viewing: Roman Coppola - Funky Squaredance

Loving the music video as I do, I want to start a new music video segment here on R’Content. Not so much reviews or even neccessarily new videos, just great ones people may not have seen or should see again.

There’s no real safe forum for videos these days. Our music channels have betrayed them (VH1 Classics I’m not talking about you), and they often get lost or missed on the internet. I know so few are worth anyone's time, but when done well they are so beautiful. The least we at the RC can do spread those we’ve loved around a little more.

[mov] Roman Coppola: Phoenix - "Funky Squaredance"

Phoenix seems like an oft’ dismissed band to me. Air’s old back-up band, Sofia’s new squeeze... There’s an elegant understatement to their danceable sound I think people overlook. I remember Alphabetical feeling bland at first and then ending up having to listen to
If Its Not With You everyday for weeks.

Roman Coppola’s video for
this song (Funky Squaredance: featuring Pheonix bassist, Deck d'Arcy’s mother's choral society in addition to the rest of the band) is great, and as with the bands albums in the past at first I wasn’t sure.

Call it "post modern," a "meta video," whatever. I was an English major, do what you need. I just like that it’s something different. It’s personal, and interesting, and clocking in at nearly 10 minutes; needed to be something unorthodox. I’m impressed that Phoenix chose this song for a video in the first place.

The “two videos at once” idea is good. Go ahead and watch the video and you’ll know what I’m writing about. It's like watching Land of the Lost and Magnum P.I. at the same time, one on each eye. Roman’s sorta full of great ideas though isn’t he? He’s got one up at Roman Coppola Studios for a Movie Hotel that I think would go over brilliantly, and my homegirl Broek & I went to Musso and Franks twice on his recommendation. The flannel cakes (and decor) were indeed delicious.

Enjoy the conversation this one has with you. Its a good first post I think, as it sticks to your ribs a little even if you don't have the attention span. Peace out. The Cosmos.



Blogger Renee said...

you're right english, i was hungry when i first started watching the video but by the end i was oddly full. i'm not sure if i should call it the "funky squaredance" diet or the "roman coppola". take your pick.

4:28 PM  

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