Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Faint @ The Palladium / The Glass House

Article and photos by Braedon

The Faint made their run through California last week, and left a blazing trail in their path. They have to be one of the funnest bands to see live. Their music has a way of not allowing your body to hold still while listening. Their beats and energy begin to flow through your blood until your muscles follow their call to dance. The Faint had a more than impressive performance at the Hollywood Palladium supported by Ladytron and Ratatat. I don't think there was a single person not dancing at that show and this was a big, sold out venue. I even caught the cool guys in the back snapping their fingers and shaking a leg.

If you have yet to see The Faint in concert, or even worse, if you have yet heard The Faint, there is a whole new world you can enter. The band on stage is in constant movement, dancing and singing, with the most aggressive light show I have not yet seen matched.

During this short winter tour, The Faint have experimented with four new songs: "Get Seduced", "The Geeks Were Right", "Fish In A Womb", and "Metal Hawks". They also said they should be finished building their new studio and able to start recording in February.

You can check out a rough performance of this song performed live on YouTube by clicking here.

The new songs definitely are taking the band in a similar direction as 'Wet From Birth', the bands most recent studio album, while you can still taste their earlier roots. Some of the material was slower while a good portion was as dancy as anything you would find on 'Dance Macabre.' The album's release date is is still unannounced but is estimated sometime in 2007.

To get a good taste of the band, look at their video of 'I Disappear' You won't be disappointed.

[mp3] The Faint - Sex is Personal

[mp3] The Faint - Birth


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