Friday, October 27, 2006

Covers w/ Cold War Kids

Glancing at this album cover, it's impossible for me not to envy the era bending qualities, the members of Cold War Kids possess. This photo has to be fifty years old. While band photos alone don't insure great music, they do indicate the vibe and aspirations of a band. The great part about CWKs is that they deliver music, which coincides with their presentation. The timeless soul that exists in this album cover, is present in every measure of a song.

The Content has been following Cold War Kids for a bit now, and there quick rise has been amazing to watch. Recently they played a benefit show, which they explain on their website. "
We got asked to do a Benefit at the District Lounge in Orange on September 24th with Dustin Kensrue and Chuck Regan. It was through the Breast Cancer Walk that takes place in Costa Mesa the last several years. We decided to play some covers that we like with Nathan singing and playing guitar, Jonnie on the drums, and Maust recording. It's a pretty informal loose performance but we decided to let you hear it anyway. Hope you enjoy!"

While all mp3s are available for download on their site, The Content thought we'd give you a taste of the show, to start things off.

[mp3] Cold War Kids - Fast as You Can (Fiona Apple)
[mp3] Cold War Kids -
I Don't Wanna Grow Up (Tom Waits)


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