Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Arthur Nights Give Away!

I'm not sure how RC became so contest happy, but enjoy it while it lasts.

This time around it's a Los Angeles exclusive affair. We are proud to be offering a free pair of tickets to Arthur Fest for Saturday night, Oct 21st @ The Palace Theatre (630 S. Broadway)! The usual drill applies: write you fullname / email address in the comment box or send us an email to Arthur Nights is a great way to experience a group of amazing artists, and what better way to do it then without spending a dime.

Here is the official lineup for Saturday:

-SUN RA ARKESTRA11-piece Arkestra still going deep, now led by the great Marshall Allen
-OMreturn of Bay Area metal trance/mind expander duo
-WHITE MAGIClong-awaited return of Mira Bilotte's NYC-based syncretic-folk band, on the eve of the release of their spectacular new album
-MONEY MARKalways imaginative keyboardist/music man--best known for co-writing work with Beastie Boys -WATTS PROPHETSrighteous word jazz elders
-SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCEapocalyptic free-mind guitar & voice from Ben Chasny
-MICHAEL HURLEYlegendary mellow bard with a hint of wry
-JOSEPHINE FOSTER"She's a genius" - Joanna Newsom
-FUTURE PIGEONgalactic dance-dub heroism from local ensemble
-RUTHANN FRIEDMANShe wrote "Windy" and so much more--now returning to live performance at age 62!--she lived the '60s and she remembers it LIVING SISTERSjoyous acoustic trio featuring Inara George, Eleni Mandell & Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond), with special guest VAN DYKE PARKS
-MIA DOI TODDdreamy Pacific Rim singer/instrumentalist
-RESIDUAL ECHOESStomping West Coast rock attack unit
NVH & CHASNYnoize proj from Comets on Fire's echoplexist/drummer Noel Von Harmonson and guitarist Ben Chasny
-WOODEN WANDmercurial, provocative, prolific folk-rock dude in a solo turn

Plus: "Misplaced soul/funk hits" dance party DJed by the 20th-century pop archaelogists of THE NUMERO GROUP label from Chicago... They'll be spinning throughout the day, with special sets before and following the Sun Ra Arkestra....

PLUS: DJ sets by Dublab rats and Brian Turner (WFMU)

Access music from bands performing at this year's Arthurfest with MTVNetwork's new music service,


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