Friday, September 29, 2006

Taking chances with Tap Tap

I don’t like taking chances but that doesn’t mean I never do. You can blame it on romantic rejection in the preteen years or whatever you want. Yet sometimes moments occur where I gather enough confidence to do something out of the ordinary.

When Clap Your Hands Say Yeah released their debut album, I went right out and ordered it having never heard a single note and only reading the back flip inducing Pitchfork review. It became one of my most played albums of the year soundtracking my workouts, drive-a-rounds, and karaoke shower-time that my neighbors must have hated (I never did get any complaints though).

I don’t usually go out and do this type of thing but it seems to have happened again. After positive readings here and there about Tap Tap, the debut release on the blogger come grassroots record label, Catbird Records, I decided to shell out the seven bucks to buy an album that I had never heard before. (Wait…did he just say seven bucks? Methinks he did.) So far it has been the best seven bucks I have spent all year.

Tap Tap’s debut album, Lanzafame, is a dozen quick tutorials in the art of indie pop. The under three minutes rule that Tap Tap used on this album left the songs lean and to the point. The fat has been cut off of every one of these tunes and used to grease the dance floor that you will inevitably find yourself jiving away on. The influences are subtle yet present, you can almost hear a lost R.E.M. song or David Byrne nodding in approval as Tap Tap orchestrate the awkwardness of a love struck dreamer that can’t get this chick out of his head. But then again, a British accent can hide anything fairly well.

Don’t even listen to these songs. Just go and buy the album and try your own chances.
I guarantee you’ll like it or…you can wag your finger at me.

[mp3] Tap TapWay To Go, Boy

Tap TapTalk Slowly
Order Tap Tap’s Lanzafame NOW over at Catbird Records (it’s only seven bucks!).

If this sounds similar to Conner’s rant on Arizona, so be it.


Blogger BWH999 said...

"The fat has been cut off of every one of these tunes and used to grease the dance floor"

Fucking brilliant.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

good shit

12:29 PM  

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