Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cursive: Happy Hollow (sneak peak)

In the recent Saddle Creek documentary, Tim Kasher (lead singer of Cursive) comes off as a lost musical genius. However, Tim's lost genius complex is very different than a Conor Oberst. It's actually the exact opposite. While Connor clearly feels an essential need to release his pain onto tape, Tim takes (at least in the doc) a more noncommittal attitude. It was only from the insistence of his friends that the songwriter ever made his plunge into the music scene. Listen to one Cursive/The Good Life song, and you will call me an idiot. The guy's pouring his cracked heart onto the pavement. How is that a passive approach? It confused me too, but I sat and watched several interviews and he never comes off desperate to play music.

Either way, Tim Kasher has proved nothing short of prolific, with a slew of Cursive releases, and multiple Good Life LPs. It's time for another album, and this one is coming from the more aggressive, Cursive camp. Happy Hollow will be on the (digital) shelves August 22nd, but has already been released via the Saddle Creek pre-order. There will be a proper review, but for now here is a sneak peak. One thing I can say about all Kasher's songs (these included) is that he pronounces his words impeccably. He's like a tortured Colin Meloy when it comes to lyrics and delivery.

[mp3] Cursive - Dorothy at Forty

This song is classic Cursive, and I'm loving every second of it. It's fast guitar lines are no match for Kasher's elongated vocal strains.

[mp3] Cursive - Bad Sect

Bad Sect moves straight into Good Life territory with female backing vocals and subdued instrumentation. Will the rest of the album be this tame? I've been in a more thrash-it-around mood lately, but I'm excited for whatever the album holds.

Stay tuned...


Blogger Will said...

I've been a big Kasher fan for several years now ... and it's about time for a new Cursive release. The Ugly Organ was nothing short of amazing. I wasn't crazy about the recent Good Life stuff, but I probably should go back and give it a listen. Novena on a Nocturn would have to be my favorite of his overall.

3:25 PM  
Blogger BWH999 said...

I think a lot of it matters on what you heard first. Album of the Year will forever be my favorite Good Life LP, but I didn't come across Novena until much later.

4:58 PM  

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