Monday, April 17, 2006

Oh my Vicarious! (A recipe for success)

That's the first reaction from the Content after listening to the new Tool single, "Vicarious," off of their soon to be released 10,000 Days. But the "Oh my" response is much more winded then just a statement of utter approval. It's a response to how crazy obsessive Tool fans are over anything Maynard is attached to.

Hitting the airwaves today, "Vicarious" was planned to be released to radio stations through a secure online download system rather then the usual CD single. This was all done in order to try and outsmart the fanbase and keep the track under wraps till its due date. Fortunately for us, the online download station-thinga-ma-gigger was left unprotected (oops) sometime on Friday, allowing some savvy Tool fan to get in there and snag the seven-minute gem.

After the stolen song was passed around the internet, Tool fans really started to get into it, releasing all of their pent-up obsession in order to dissect every aspect of the new song. By Friday evening, Tool fans had already found the news clipping the band had used at the 5-minute mark in the song, created intricate tablature for both the bass and guitar parts, played the song in reverse searching for symmetry, transcribed the lyrics, and interpreted various song meanings. Did I mention that this was all by Friday evening, less then half a day from the initial leak?

For all of you that think this is a perfect example of how overzealous Tool fans can be, just wait until May 2, when 10,000 Days is officailly released. At that time, rest assured that those Toolheads will be finding the geometric mapping to the lost tomb of the Neptune god, Zorathungeon, who is hidden within the album's artwork. But that map would be useless without the ability to find the coordinates of Zorathungeon's lifeblood (a mixture of mayonaisse, donkey dung, crushed acacia leaves, and Maynard's man juice baked for exactly 27.3476 minutes at 350 degrees) that is presented to the listener when each track of 10,000 Days is played simultaneously, backwards at high noon. Oh my "Vicarious."

Oh and I almost forgot. The songs rocks!

4/30/06 - Coachella (Tool headlining)


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