Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Small History, A New Show: Elf Power @ Spaceland

After falling completely, madly, deeply in love with Neutral Milk Hotel, it just made sense to start following the other bands associated with the Elephant 6 Recording Company.

In the mid 90's, as the radio spewed angst-ridden grunge from Seattle,
Elephant 6 was feverishly creating angst-ridden pop from Athens, GA. In particular, NMH used their songs to focused on the love, heartbreak, and alienation associated with growing up.

However, as the Elephant 6 ringleader and NMH frontman, Jeff Mangum, went into hiding, the road less traveled was left to other E6 artists such as Olivia Tremor Control, Of Montreal, and Elf Power.

Fortunately, we'll get to see some of the remaining ghosts of the Elephant 6 community, when Elf Power comes to Spaceland this May.

Grab your Christmas sweaters and hug your neighbor.

5/13/06 - Spaceland (

Check out Elf Power at
You Ain't No Picasso for a new song and other dates.


Blogger Barbara Bruederlin said...

Small world - we're both fans of N&UR and both adore Neutral Milk Hotel. It's dangerous for me to listen to them while driving though, because I always have to throw back my head and howl along with Jeff, scaring the hell out of the other drivers.

4:32 PM  

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