Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oh Sunset, Rub Me Down!

In our eyes, Spencer Krug is the leader of Wolf Parade. It's not because he is the cutest, or because he can bang the piano harder than Arlen Thompson can hit the drums. Spencer is the leader because he's written some of the most infectious rock songs of the last few years.

Krug got my foot stompin' on "You Are A Runner," my body shaking with the royal rumbler "Fancy Claps," and set my lungs afire on last year's anthem "I'll Believe in Anything." All in all, Krug created one of the most beloved albums of 2005; luckily that was just the beginning.

As previously
reported, Sunset Rubdown (Krug's solo project) will be releasing its second LP on May 2, entitled Shut Up I Am Dreaming. Fortunately, LA will get a nice preview of the album on May 1, when The Rubdown comes to fondle our humble ears at the intimate Echo. I think the news of this future molestation just made my day. Tickets are on sale now.

5/1/06 - Echo (


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