Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Spartan Fidelity song w/ The Yoshida Brothers

Here's something new for all the kids that have been waiting for the new album from Cinjun and Shelby Tate of Spartan Fidelity. It seems that in the time between albums they recorded a song with the Yoshida Brothers of Japan.

Supposedly the Yoshida Brothers are musical sensations in their homeland, but foreign celebrity has never really cut it in the States. However, if you play an ancient three-string Japanese instrument (called the
Tsugaru-shamisen), which holds the entire eastern culture captive with its trickling notes, then you might be on the road to stardom.

Receiving a lot of
press lately (Interview Magazine, New York Times, A&E), the Yoshida Brothers might be the artists to usher in the Japanese invasion. I don't know how soon thats going to happen but at the very least a beautiful song was created in this transnational collaboration.

Spartan Fidelity - "
By This River"


Blogger Miss B. Haven said...

Hello! Found your blog while searching the Yoshida Brothers. Doubtful that many Americans will know who they are, so I really get a kick when people like you mention them. I've been listening to Ryoichiro and Kenichi for about a year now and I'm crazy about their music. Among my favorite pieces: Storm, Blooming, Starting on a Journey, Frontier, Canon...and the one piece (don't have the title in front of me at the moment, it's in Japanese) where each brother does his own interpretation. I like Kenichi's version the best. I have not yet got to see them live. I had a friend send me a file of the Brothers' appearance on a popular Japanese variety show back around summer of last year. It was really awesome. They did perform, so at least I have got to see them even if not live. Also the show aired a short retrospective of their career. They have been playing since age 5! Anyway, happy to see you mentioning them on your music blog! Thank you for that!


I really want to pinch Kenichi's cute, chubby cheeks. :)

6:27 PM  

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