Sunday, March 19, 2006

A list for Robert

A friend asked me to make him a list of bands he might enjoy, and being the spectacular human that I am- I whole heartedly agreed.

So that was two weeks ago... I said I'm spectacular, not perfect.

He is a big fan of Pete Doherty and The Sounds, so I'm working with heroin and keyboards. Truthfully I have not looked through his music collection, so I am starting with an obvious list and working my way down from there.

An obvious and potentially insulting list:
The Faint, Bloc Party, Wolf Parade, Thunderbirds Are Now!, The Rapture, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death From Above 1979, Arctic Monkeys, Iggy Pop

(This is a mandatory list. If some of these bands don't ring a bell, then spend some money and get enlightened. I have about 400 more bands that fit into this category, but I don't want to overwhelm.)

The possibly less known list:
Ratatat, Love Is All*, Hint Hint, The Flesh, The Carny*, The Blood Arm*, Art Brut, Head Automatica*, The Go! Team, The Futureheads*, LCD Soundsystem, !!!, The Rakes*, The Sun*, Le Shok, We Are Wolves
*you will like these for sure

I don't endorse this list (different strokes for different folks):
The Editors, The Cribs, The Briefs, The Lashes, The Subways, Razorlight

You're welcome.


Anonymous Evan said...

what about radiohead and TOOL.

btw nick, check out the new logo and artwork at

12:00 PM  

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