Monday, March 13, 2006

I finally get to see Prefuse 73

(I had a great photo, but it won't load. Damn it.)

It's been several years since I first picked up Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives. On that album Scott Herren is an enigmatic crafter of beats, using himself as a vehicle for a group of talented young lyricists. It was my first exposure to MF DOOM, and for that alone I am eternally grateful. Then comes One Word Extinguisher, where Herren flexes his musical muscles and spills out a jazz album for space aliens. It is a massive album that may intimidate the listener, but reaps huge rewards for anyone willing to dive into it.

Truthfully I never got past those two albums. I heard mostly bad things about Surrounded By Silence, which should mean nothing but still kept me away from the album, and Reads the Books was an interesting concept, but failed to win my attention even after several listens. From what I hear Herren's new LP Security Screenings is a return to form (a fact I'll find out tonight when I get a listen to the album).

Either way I am excited for his return to the Greater Los Angeles County. Come see some mastery at the Knitting Factory on May 22nd.

Get tickets here

Listen to Prefuse 73


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