Thursday, March 09, 2006

New York Dolls bring the craziness to Spaceland

Have you ever had the fantasy of seeing your deranged grandfather dress up in his favorite leotard and high heeled boots and play punk rock. Well if you are as perverted as me (or have a grandpa unlike me) then the deepest, darkest most rewarding images of your subconcious are going to have their chance to come alive. The New York Dolls (yes the New York Dolls) are going to be rocking Spaceland in all their geriatric glory (minus the now passed away Mormon bassist Arthur "Killer" Kane and a few others).

4/3/06 - Spaceland (
Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning so move fast people.

If you can't make it out then you are just going to have to lock up all those secret feelings you had from grammpy for the rest of eternity. If you can't hold them in for that long, then go pick up a copy of New York Doll. It is a documentary about not only the reunion of the Dolls, but about the transformation of Arthur Kane from a punk rock star to a Mormon genealogical worker. You can read some thoughts about the film
here and from what I hear it ain't half bad.


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