Friday, March 10, 2006

Forward, Russia wins bout: The Boy Least Likely To continues unwounded

A couple months ago the Content pointed out that Forward, Russia and The Boy Least Likely To were double booked to play Spaceland, and that a battle had emerged between the two bands a la the Hilton-Richie fiasco. Forward, Russia won the battle, and will be playing Spaceland this month. However, thankfully The Boy Least Likely To has still decided to come around despite being defeated by the all powerful ruskies (well...their still Brits).

If you're going to miss The Boy on tour with
James Blunt (and I sure as hell hope you are) than here is your chance to see them solo.
(Sidenote: what is James Blunt doing on the Coachella bill? Doesn't he belong in the Star Lounge or Wango Tango?)

4/8/06 - Spaceland (

Listen at


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