Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Architecture in Helsinki @ the Troubadour

So all these invasions lately are making me feel a little unprotected. The Brits came and conquered. Apparently the Japanese are planning a kamikaze music explosion on the States. The Canucks are hitting us hard with strategic attacks from the heart of Montreal, and the Aussies have already sent spies in to find all our weak spots. And who are these spies? None other than the 23-man (or so) collective Architecture in Helsinki.

It's so nice to see the bands you love come through your town every few months. I caught a free show of theirs @ UCLA last fall and am happy to report their return. They are nice lads that make great music. Even if you can't remember all their names they'll at least give you a handshake and a smiling face over at the merch booth.

5/22/06 -
Troubadour (tix on sale soon)


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