Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Content Approved Summer Schedule 06

Here are some uppity duppity dates to show off your new summer skin at all those dark places throughout LA. Eventhough all these shows are Content approved we can't promise that dropping our name at the door will guarantee you access (but it is worth a try). Once these tickets go, you will be left in the dust competing with the other freshly tanned hides at the schnazzy bars among the shiny shirts and sparkly skirts. So be warned because we really don't wish that upon you.

Get 'em while they're hot!

7/6/06 - Tilly and the Wall @ the Troubadour

[mp3] Tilly and the Wall - You and I Misbehaving

7/7/06 - Dios (Malos), the Little Ones, the Submarines, Peter & the Wolf @ the Echo (tix)
[mp3] Dios (Malos) - You Got Me All Wrong

7/18/06 - The Submarines, Army/Navy @ the Hotel Cafe
[mp3] The Submarines - Darkest Things

7/19/06 - Camera Obscura @ the Troubadour (tix)
[mp3] Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heart Broken

7/20/06 - Minor Canon, Eskimohunter @ the Echo
[mp3] Eskimohunter - Surfing At 32F

7/29/06 - Irving @ the Echo (tix)
[mp3] Irving - I'll Write the Song, You Sing for Me

8/8/06 - Kite Flying Society, Let's Go Sailing @ Spaceland
[mp3] KFS - 6000 Shipwrecks

8/11/06 - Diplo @ the Echo (tix)
[mp3] M.I.A./Diplo - Sunflowers

8/15/06 - Comets on Fire @ the Echo (tix)
[mp3] Comets on Fire - coming soon

8/17/06 - Silversun Pickups @ the Troubadour (tix)
[mp3] Silversun Pickups - Dream At Tempo

8/22/06 - A Silver Mt. Zion @ the Echo (SOLD OUT)
[mp3] A Silver Mt. Zion - coming soon

Upcoming reviews, photos, and tasty new music:
* Pete Yorn @ Fingerprints
* Radiohead @ the Greek
* Jimmy Gnecco @ the Knitting Factory and Hotel Cafe
* New music from some new LA talent and beyond

Don't say we didn't warn you (because we just did).


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