Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cinjun Tate @ the Hotel Cafe

Last night we played a game of trying to hold our breath as we walked from the doors of the Brite Spot to the entrance of the Echo. Childish indeed, but needless to say nobody made it (I won the bet, boo ya!). This wasn't the first time I have used the tactic of holding my breath to try and prove a point. After the eternal nonexistance of any pulse or movement on the Spartan Fidelity website, home of Cinjun and Shelby Tate of Remy Zero, I decided to proclaim my disapproval by publicly announcing that I would hold my breath until some sort of life, music, or keystrokes resulted. Unfortunately for my lungs (as well as for the fans), nothing next to a hiccup has occurred on the site over the last year, but that all changed about five minutes ago.

On July 22, Cinjun Tate, the voice behind SF and RZ, will be playing a show at the ever intimate Hotel Cafe. I am just going to act as if this is a little belated birthday present from Cinjun to myself, since I am as giddy as a school girl smothered in cotton candy, and fat off funnel cake. So thank you Cinjun, my post dated thank you card is in the mail.

A breath of fresh air.

[mp3] Spartan Fidelity - By This River
More can be found here.

7/22/06 - Hotel Cafe (info)


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