Monday, March 27, 2006

Built To Spill @ the Troubadour

It's been a long time. The last time I saw these guys, I was squished between shoulders and sweat at an oversold El Rey theater. It's refreshing to know that Built to Spill will finally be dropping some new material on us, after a break that has been way too long. The new album, entitled You In Reverse, will be released on April 11th in conjunction with a US tour.

After scheduling, cancelling, and rescheduling, Built to Spill will end up playing four nights (you heard me right) at the
Troubadour in June. That gives you plenty of time to learn all the words to the new tunes. Get acquainted, and start warming up that singing voice.

Presale tickets at a reduced price will be made available at the following ticket links:
6/28/06 - Troubadour (
6/29/06 - Troubadour (
6/30/06 - Troubadour
7/1/06 - Troubadour

Preview two tracks from You In Reverse on Built to Spill's


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