Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Washington Post article on Pitchfork

The Washington Post ran an article about Pitchfork Media, Inc. which highlighted the influence that P-fork has had on the music industry and the hearts and minds of indie youth. In the article, the author shadows Ryan Schreiber, creator of the Fork, at his recent visit to SXSW. The piece also references Travis Morrison (Dismemberment Plan) and Merge Records, both of whom have received the ups and downs of Pitchfork's reviews.
"Honesty is such an important journalistic attribute," says Schreiber, who had no journalism training when as a 20-year-old former record store clerk he launched the site as a solo operation. "And you have to be completely honest in a review. If it gets sacrificed or tempered at all for the sake of not offending somebody, then what we do sort of loses its value. . . . That's so the opposite of what criticism is supposed to be.

"So I think we maybe have this sort of snobbish reputation. But we're just really honest, opinionated music fans. We might be completely over the top in our praise, or we might be cruel. But to anybody who reads the site, it's clear that we're not pulling any punches."

Read the full article here.


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