Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Rapture isn't settling for Echoes Part 2

Seeing The Rapture for two nights in LA confirmed both that the New York beat makers are brilliant, and that The Viper Room is full of stuffy idiots.

Their quick trip to the west coast was done to get feedback fromfans re garding new material. My feedback - Release it NOW. They talked to Rolling Stone recently about the whole process:

"You sit around in the studio wondering if people are going to like it, and then you play it for people and you know right away," Jenner says. "They can't fake it. It's really obvious. So we spent two months making the record, but a year getting ready to make it."

To ensure a new sound, the boys are currently working with producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse, which even Luke Jenner (lead guitar / vocals) admits is "the most far-out thing we've done."

Well I'm excited. Be sure to click that nice little Rolling Stones icon above to read the whole article.


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