Friday, December 01, 2006

The Toy Fight Collective

The Parisian collective, Toy Fight, spent the last three years producing their debut album Anagram Dances. The album pours out twelve, youthful, pop tracks, shrouded in an air of timelessness. Although each member of Toy Fight writes music independently , the collective remained true to their endeavor, and collaborated wholly on each song during the writing process. Unfortunately, Toy Fight's long awaited birth cry, has quickly become their swan song. The growing demand for solo work has pulled the collective apart, but in their own words "the trunk is dead but the branches are still alive."

Anagram Dances works hard to elude any connections with the present. From the album's rustic, silver nitrate cover, to the I am Cuba / Joan of Arc montage that is "The Hidden Second" music video, Toy Fight have carved out a bit of the past for themselves. It is in this nitch that the melodies of "Victim's Hairdo" or "Tiffany" best exist. The album is escapist in the best sense of the word. It transports you to remote land, in a far off time.

While Toy Fight might no longer exist, there are six reasons why this demise isn't a tragedy. The first five consist of solo projects started by the band. On Toy Fight's website, there are songs from the newly formed groups, and each project has something unique and lovely to offer. The sixth is that Anagram Dances is complete and available for purchase.

Visit Toy Fight's myspace or website to hear more music and buy their debut LP.

[mp3] Toy Fight - The Hidden Second

[mp3] Toy Fight - Victim's Hairdo

GvB Picasso and MOKB have been following Toy Fight for a while now.


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