Monday, July 10, 2006

Pre-Order Kite Flying Society's Debut LP!

The day is upon us ladies and gentleman. Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite band, Kite Flying Society. Though we are by far not the first site to post about this San Diego quintet, we did have the distinct advantage of attending the same highschool as Dustin Illingworth (lead singer). The Content=1, Blog World=0.
KFS are proof that Southern Californian pop is not a dead art. Surf culture and the Jack Johnson Cult believe that living by the beach entitles a person to a carefree life, full of sun, sand and two chord guitar tunes; however, that is not humanity. The Beach Boys wrote some happy surf songs, but their greatest creations always contained an element of tragedy. Listen to "Wouldn't It Be Nice," and you will find a heartbreaking song within the polished, barbershop vocals. While the soul-warming climate of Southern California is an integral part of KFS's sound, the band never exploits it with laidback song writing.

Kite Flying Society writes bite-size pop gems that shape to the listener's mood - beautiful melodies for a Summer evening, reflective lyrics for a Winter's rain.

After releasing a handful of songs via myspace, the five-piece have completed their first proper album, Where Is The Glow?, and have it available for pre-sale order now! The LP will be released on July 28th, but if you act now the band will throw in a bonus CD-R. These guys are going places, so get on the train before it leaves the station.

Come see KFS play:

7/27/06 -Lestat's San Diego, CA
7/28/06 -
The Whistlestop San Diego, CA
8/8/06 -
Spaceland Los Angeles, CA
8/11/06 -
The Acme Portland, OR
8/15/06 -
The Make-Out Room San Francisco, CA
8/16/06 -The Casbah San Diego, CA
8/19/06 -
M-Theory San Diego, CA

Listen to KFS:

[mp3] Kite Flying Society - If I Could Split
[mp3] Kite Flying Society - Groundflower
Kite Flying Society -
Love & Seagulls
Kite Flying Society - Esthetes Are Easy


Blogger Kamera said...

I had never heard of thee guys before but I downloaded the MP3's last night and my God was I blown away. Awesome stuff. I've pre-ordered the album and will be anxiously awaiting it.

3:00 PM  

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