Monday, April 10, 2006

Bringing down the Reds. Bringing down the Wall.
Cold War Kids.

Why does this always happen? Almost every time I find out about some great band, it seems that they have just come through town and I have to wait another six months for their return. Yep, this is one of those times.

Unfortunately, last Tuesday evening I had my knees up around my ears as I lay packed away in a 4Runner on a long desert drive back to California. If I had been home I could have caught the
Two Gallants show at the Troubadour with the incredible Cold War Kids. Incredible? It seems that their bio would use even more staunch adjectives like Dylan-esque, Buckley-ish and Velvet Underground-like. With such bold statements (a comparison to Jeff Buckley makes me salivate with eagerness til I evaporate), it seems we might have our next addition to the list of Flaming Hot LA Bands (even though they're from Fullerton - close enough).

Wish I had a tour date for you at a nearby venue, but I guess you are going to have to settle with these mp3s and a video from their
Myspace page .

Cold War Kids - "Hospital Beds"
Cold War Kids - "Heavy Boots"
Cold War Kids - "Tell Me In The Morning"

Also, check out what Gorilla vs. Bear had to say about them.


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