Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Be Your Own Pet: Coachella, Troubadour, World

I didn't even give them a chance. And why should I have? When I went to see Golden State a few months ago at the Troubadour, a seemingly uninteresting band called Be Your Own Pet was headlining to a less than empty crowd. "Should I stay or should I go now?" I sang to myself and quickly chose the latter.

A few weeks later I saw that the Cobra Snake had enjoyed the show and then I found out that these kids were set to play Coachella. Well it turns out "seeming" isn't believing and I probably should have stayed to watch these pubescent badasses get all hard up on me on stage. And did I mention that their singer is one of the hardest girls to come around since that chick from the Sounds? Cat fight, meow!

Gorilla vs. Bear has a song from their new self titled album to be released on 06.06.06 (ooooh, scary). Check out a couple more tracks at their Myspace.

6/27/06 - Troubadour (tix)


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